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The premise of this behind the scenes video is to show you that we all have had struggles. We sometimes fall short of our goals. We sometimes let life get too hectic and we set ourselves in a coasting mode. Until we see that man in the mirror and make the change.



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Why these programs and coaching?

The main reason I lost over 65 pounds using these programs is because the daily dose of dense nutrition I got with Shakeology, along with the nutrition guide I followed in the program and the one on one support I got from my coach.


I loved my results SO MUCH that I became a coach myself to save over $30 a month on my Shakes and because I loved helping others on their journey like my coach helped me.  After my husbands heart transplant I needed extra money for my family.  The coaching opportunity gave me just that and more!


That’s why I know the simple combination of Fitness, Nutrition, Support and rewards WORKS to get you to the goals your seeking. To truly change your health you need to address all aspects.


If you too want to have those extra savings, earn a bit of an income or be an inspiration to others while you’re on your journey than coaching is the perfect fit!


So let’s work together!  Join the All SMILES club or sign up as a coach today and get your SMILES back with full Support, Motivation, Inspiration, Love, Empowerment and SUCCESS!


You are worth it!


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