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Success Stories!

The following stories are from some of my very own customers.  They are people that I have coached along the way.  Yes, they had their struggles, we all do!!!!  But they wanted to share with me their triumphs, and I wanted to share them with you.  I want to see your success story next. I want to hear from you so contact me today.

"I can’t thank you enough for writing about Shakeology and going to the trouble of sending samples. I have been slowly getting better anyway with asthma etc. but have dealt with a huge back and leg spasm issue from…believe it or not…a reaction from an antibiotic. I tried Shakeology faithfully and by week 2, hardly any spasms and back improved. I thought it might be a coincidence but since I bought the 24 pk, I am out of the drink and haven’t had it for days. Bought another no name brand supplement drink to get me through, but spasms coming back. Researching the ingredients, I feel it has to be the combo of ingredients in the drink that helped me."


"After years of working out, not eating properly, and battling hypothyroidism I finally deciding on living a healthy lifestyle. Last year I hit a plateau and no matter what I did I wasn't getting to a weight were I felt good. And then I saw a post for a challenge by Katie. I've know Katie for several years and was always inspired by her love of life and her desire to help others make their lives the best that they can be. So I took the challenge and was excited to have Katie as my coach! After answering the many, many questions I had about the Beachbody program and the challenges I couldn't be more pleased. Katie not only provides us with great recipes but also encourages her team daily to stay on track towards a healthy life. I absolutely LOVE the On Demand workouts, the Shakeology drinks, and having Katie as my coach!"


"Shakeology is awesome! I was really skeptical when my beachbody coach mentioned it to me because I am not a believer in meal replacements. I’m also really bad at eating breakfast when I have to run out for a morning meeting, and I’m AWFUL at taking my vitamins. Then I realized I was running for coffee at $4.00/day each morning. Okay…I’ll try it…it’s the same cost, it’s got my vitamins and it’s easy. Beachbody doesn’t promote it as a weightloss drink. if you lose great, but it’s an addition for a healthy lifestyle. Before shakeology I was drinking 36 oz of coffee in the morning, 24 at lunch, a 20 ox bottle of pop at lunch and I was STILL hitting the 2:00 crash. Within a week of starting I was mixing my shake with 8 oz of iced coffee in the morning, drinking water the rest of the day and NOT hitting the crash at all. For me, that was enough to keep going. I consider my shake my sweet for the day. It’s so yummy and versatile. I will say that I can attribute about 6 lbs of my summer 14 lb weight loss to shakeology. It just feels good."


"May 13, 2016 was a game changer in my life. I was at a routine doctor appointment, stepped on the scale, and saw a very scary number stare back at me. It was the day I said ENOUGH and asked for help. I knew Katie Fischer was a Beachbody coach and I sent her a SOS for help. Her response was amazing. Katie worked with me on my issues and my goals. She got me set up on a Beachbody workout program (TurboFire) and the most delicious chocolate Shakeology. I joined her Smiles group, participated in the challenges, followed the diet, and the pounds came off!! Within six months I had lost 20lbs and gained back some long lost self confidence. Katie and the other Smilers were with me every step of the way with encouragement, laughs, ideas, and suggestions. I highly doubt I could have gotten healthy on my own. Thanks to Katie Fischer and the Smile group, I am well on my way!"


"My weight loss journey started February 5, 2015. I didn't know anything about Beachbody or clean eating. All I knew was if I didn't make a change I would probably die an early death. I could barely climb the stairs without getting winded. I started working out using P90X. In the 90 days I lost almost 40 pounds and a lot of inches. I knew I needed to keep going. A few months later a friend introduced m to Katie. Katie added me to her accountability group and meal planning group for clean eating. The meal plans are very easy to follow and of all the recipes I've tried they are all delicious. Since committing to this journey and with support from Katie and her challenge groups I have lost 106 pounds and have gained energy and confidence."


"I met Katie a few years ago when she attended an event at my business. What struck me immediately about her was her energy. She explained a bit about her journey to better health and her business and I was intrigued. I invited her to join a networking group I was running and over the course of a few years, our paths continued to cross. About a year ago I began to work with Katie officially, and I am so happy that I did. She goes the extra mile, including texting me each morning to ensure I was up to do my workout. Katie's enthusiasm is still contagious and so genuine! I love that she really listens and offers solid advice along with the tools to reach my health and fitness goals. My journey to better health is not yet complete but I am definitely on my way and I am thankful for her coaching, friendship and never-ending support!"