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Monthly SMILE groups 🙂

Feeling down?  Can’t get that SMILE back?  Then join my MONTHLY SMILE GROUP!


I hold a SMILE group on the 4th Monday of every month.  I promise to Support, Motivate, Inspire, Love, and Empower you!…….get it……SMILE  ?

Each SMILE group lasts one month.  It is a private group of people who are looking to reach the same goals you are, when you have the accountability and motivation of a group, you get things DONE.  I will have easy weekly challenges as well as one on one attention to get those SMILES back.  There will also be a PRIZE at the end of the group too simple-smile

When you’ve completed the SMILE group you will be a member of the exclusive All SMILES club!  You will be Supported, Motivated, Inspired, Loved, Empowered and SUCCESSFUL!  Believe me, it’s a club you want to be a part of  :)!

It’s all about Fitness, Nutrition and Support.  Lose that weight, get healthy and be HAPPY again! Did I mention you’ll get a FREE personal development book to use as part of the group?  YEP a FREE book just for joining (books received with change monthly).

If you are ready to start your journey I am here for you.  Let’s talk!  I can tell you a bit more about the group as well as help you find the perfect program for you.  READY?  Click below and make a fitness and nutrition support appointment to chat:


So what do you say?  Are you ready to be Supported?  Are you ready to be Motivated?  Are you ready to be Inspired?  Are you ready to be Loved?  Are you ready to be Empowered?  Are you ready to be SUCCESSFUL?

Get those SMILES back and join the group today!  YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!

Schedule a time to chat using the ‘schedule appointment’ button above or contact me today!  The new you is in view!  Go out and get those SMILES back!