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Meet Team Inspire!

Well as you may have already read I am the team leader for Team Inspire.  A team of independent team Beachbody coaches who are here to help you reach your health, fitness and financial goals.


Here are just a few members of my team:



Eric Fischer

As you may have recognized from the pictures on this site I am Katie’s husband.  I was really upset at Kate for buying Shakeology as I thought she was just falling for a sales gimmick.  then I started seeing positive changes in her energy, mood and the weight she lost.  After seeing that and because of all the natural nutrition Shakeology has to offer I have now been taking Shakeology for years, even after my heart transplant in March of 2013.  What I did not expect was how it destroyed my craving for unhealthy fast food which I was eating at least 2 times a week.  I can’t imagine an easier and better way to improve your health especially for someone who likes to get up and go in the morning like me.  


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Tally Ellis

I am a Wife and Mom of 2 beautiful kids, a son and daughter. It is such a joy to stay home with my kids. Even though it is the hardest job I have ever had, it is by far the most rewarding! My family is very important to me… in fact they are #1. Everything I do, I have them in mind.  That’s basically where my story starts.  Having kids is a great new chapter in your life.  My family is my pride and joy, so why was I so depressed and miserable?

It was three months after I had my daughter and I was still 50 pounds overweight.  At this point I knew it wasn’t ‘baby weight’.  Depressed, unhealthy, and unhappy I was desperate for a change.  I HAD to do something to feel better, not just for me, but for my family.   To make a long story short, my journey started with TurboFire and Shakeology.  I lost 20 pounds, but more important than the weight loss I started to GAIN confidence and feel better. I moved on to other fitness programs and have since completed many of them including Insanity, P90X, Combat, and more.  While I have reached my goal of losing those 50 pounds, I now realize that I will always be a work in progress… and that’s okay!  My goals continually change and I still struggle with my nutrition at times, but I am healthy and out of the dark place I was in.  I became a coach to help others like me…everyday people with real problems and struggles.  I found a solution that works and my passion is to help others find a solutions that works for them.  There is no magic pill.  It takes hard work and commitment, but if I can get do it, anyone can!

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Jennifer Saltouros

After I had a baby I tried everything to try to get my pre-baby body back and really struggled. Through all the dieting and different workout plans I went through for over a year and half I just was not seeing the results I wanted. Then I was introduced to Insanity and Shakeology and everything changed! Within the first month I lost over 10 lbs and saw a decrease of over 5 inches within my waistline! These were the results I had been dreaming of! Beachbody has changed my life. I feel healthier and more energized every day and now I want to share the success I have seen with others! Join one of my challenges today!

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