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Celebrate March Madness with a month-long bracket-style fitness challenge.

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About This Challenge

For the first time ever Team Inspire is giving you a month of fitness madness.  We will have bracket-style workouts to celebrate March Madness and give you a wide variety of workouts to help you find one that suits you best!

You’ll be held accountable and stay motivated in a private app where you’ll track your workouts, meals and more!  Plus you’ll have a FREE coach to help you every step of the way!

Bracket-Style Workouts

You’ll never do the same workout!  Get a ton of variety with hundreds of workouts at your fingertips that you can do anywhere you have an internet connection!

Private App for Accountability and Motivation

You’re never alone!  Get your S.M.I.L.E back with ton’s of Support, Motivation, Inspiration, Love, and Empowerment in a private app to track your workouts, meals and transformation.

FREE coach

Get a free personal coach to help you with every step of your journey!

"Team Inspire's March Madness Fitness Challenge!

Are you up for a month of fitness madness?"