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I got Obsessed, and it saved my life!

Let me just paint you a picture if I may of where my life was about a year ago.  My son’s ABA therapy had ended.  The therapist moved out of state and they had no one to replace.  It took about a month or so to see the effects.  And it was BAD.

For a good portion of the rest of the year, I stopped taking care of myself and was focusing on him and helping his behavior which had escalated to several meltdowns, swearing, threatening, talk of suicide, hitting, and destroying rooms at times………..almost daily.

The stress level was high.  The drinking was every night.  And I was getting angrier and more tense with every little thing, even the ones that weren’t really that big of a deal.

I wasn’t getting much sleep anymore.  The weight began to build and my physicality was plummeting.

Being a coach I really had lost myself and was truly feeling like a failure to my clients and my team……………then along came 80 Day Obsession.

I knew it was time to say enough was enough when my heart beats were beginning to get fluttery from the stress and anxiety daily.  I wasn’t gonna do anyone any good if I ended up in the hospital or worse.

Beachbody has always been there for me.  I began my journey the first time with them over 7 years ago and Fitness, Nutrition and Support help me lose over 65 pounds.  I knew I could count on them to pull me out!

I began this program in January of this year (2018).  I knew from the first preview video (below) and all the materials that this was going to be unlike anything I’ve ever done with them before.

I was in love within the first week!

*Each day is a different workout (no more seeing the same ones each week)

*Meals are timed (keeping your body burning the entire day)

Was it hard?  Yes.  But I had a group for support with me the entire way through.  They helped me stay on task and motivated me so much that as the program neared its end I began to get emotional and told my husband I’m gonna miss it.  His reply ‘what you’re facebook people’.  They became like a family to me, something you could only know if you experience it.

When the 80 days finally did come to an end……………I balled like a baby!

I didn’t go into this for any physical gains, well, losses ;).  I truly did it to have something else to focus on to put me in a better place mentally.  But those physical losses? Well, they speak for themselves.

I have NEVER had those beautiful bumps before!

22.8 pounds lost and 16.5 inches gone!

I have learned SO MUCH from this experience.  About myself and how far my body can go.  It takes hitting bottom to see just how strong you really are when you pick yourself up again.

*I lift weights instead of the bottle
*I take breaths instead of scream
*I fall asleep instead of tossing and turning

Did I pay for private training?  NOPE, I worked out in the privacy of my own home, with an amazing trainer, virtually, following her moves.

Did I get a nutritionist for my meals?  NOPE, I followed the nutrition plan that came with my program and ate my own foods.

AND let’s not forget all those helpers pushing me and supporting me in the group.

Just writing this makes me so excited to do it all over again!  It’s time for you to do it with me!

My private All S.M.I.L.E.S club is here for you!  It’s full of nothing but Support, Motivation, Inspiration, Love, Empowerment and SUCCESS!  If you are ready, I AM HERE!

I’ve been in your shoes.  I know how hard life can be.  I know how hopeless it feels sometimes.  I know how stress can take over.  This program was a game changer for me, it (or any others with my private club) could be for you too.  Please contact me with the links below to get started on your journey.  Live, Love, INSPIRE! <3

All S.M.I.L.E.S club
Get me as your FREE coach
FREE meal planning

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