Personal Development

We are always working on ourselves and focusing on the positives in our lives so that we can help our clients do the same.  Again, we are a people business and people love to be loved and cared about……that’s including ourselves!  This is done through personal development.  I cannot stress enough the importance of positivity!  That is why it is a vital behavior of a coach!  It is so important to be able to just let all the negative subside.

As an owner of a Team Beachbody coaching business, you’ll quickly discover the importance of personal development. As you improve yourself, your ability to improve your business also increases.

Personal development helps you focus on the things in your life you CAN CONTROL to make a difference in your life and in your business. This small change in how you view the world can make a huge difference. It will help you have the belief and confidence to set courageous goals and have a big vision for yourself and what you can achieve.

Remember, when you do things others aren’t willing to do, you get the results that others can’t have. So, don’t skip your personal development!  Have I shown the importance of this enough  🙂

Do you know what makes you the most positive?  Please take the time to do the ‘love lanquage’ quiz at:

I hope by now you have received one of your free gifts (tshirt will be coming soon  🙂  ).  If you haven’t yet you soon will.  You now have your first personal development book!  🙂 Please take the time each day to read 10 pages.  Schedule it out like you would your workout and your shake!  Always work on YOU!

Here is a  list of all of the personal development books our team has encountered over the years.  Abby made this list of the best ones hands down!  Please print it out and add it to your binder:

We also have a team book club group on FB.  We have a different book each month and share our takeaways.  Once you’ve finished with the compound effect (and the other two books I suggest to you! 😉 ) you are welcome to join the group.

Where to find LIVE events in your area:

Another great / quick way to get in some personal development is to sign up for Darren Hardy’s (the writer of your book 🙂  ) daily email.  It’s 5 minutes a day.  You can litterally sit there after your workout when your drying your sweat and watch a video and get inspired.  It’s awesome!:

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