Invite, Invite, Invite

Sharing our products and inviting people to join us in getting healthy and fit is what we are all about.  Remember we are here to CHANGE PEOPLE’S LIVES!  Inviting them to one of our groups, becoming a coach, or trying Shakeology IS A MUST  It is, afterall, our entire business.  We can’t help people change their lives if we don’t invite them to try our products, join our team or join a challenge.  Below is a general ‘inviting’ schedule.

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Inviting people is one of the key activities for you as a Coach. When we genuinely want to help others, inviting becomes a natural step. Without much thought, we talk about what we feel passionate about…so don’t overthink inviting. Keep it simple and conversational.

Consider these four points.

  • Be Clear. In an attempt to not seem “pushy” we may beat around the bush in our invites. This gives the impression that we aren’t confident in what we’re offering. So, when you invite, be clear and direct about what you’re asking them to do. “I want you to join me in this next Challenge Group.”

  • Be Conversational. Don’t try to memorize a perfect script, people respond best when they feel you’re conversing with them naturally. So, work the invitation into a discussion. It’s normal to feel nervous, but practice and experience will make this easier as time goes on, so be patient.

  • Lower the Pressure. No one likes to feel “salesy” when talking with other people. You’ll feel salesy when your focus is on you instead of helping the other person. We want to share, not sell. Remember, you’re asking them to make a simple decision to help improve their quality of life, so relax and don’t put so much pressure on yourself or them!

  • Repeat as Necessary. Many times, people won’t accept your first invitation. That’s okay! They may just be looking for additional information or the timing might be tough for them. Continue to add value to them and follow up from time-to-time and then invite them again when you feel the time is right.


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