Beachbody is a PEOPLE business!

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FORM that relationship!  Relationships take time.  You can’t expect people to join you on your new adventure if they don’t trust you.  Build that trust and really get to know them on that deep personal level.

How to FORM and how NOT to FORM:

Continue to ‘add’ people to your network.  Whatever social media site you’re using add at least 3 people a day!  (remember ‘the power of 3’ you’re gonna hear it a lot through out this training).   FORM them from the start! (‘Hey, thanks for the ad!  Haven’t talked to you in forever!!!!  How are you doing!?!??!’)

Another way to be able to reach more people is to make your FB profile (or whatever social media site you’re using) PUBLIC.  People will be able to come to you!

As you begin to add people you can group them on FB to be able to better get to their profiles faster and know what they’re talking about (without getting caught in the scroll!).  Remember, people love to be loved and cared about!  Here’s a little video to show you how:

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