Get Plugged in to Beachbody!

Beachbody has AMAZING tools for you.  It’s time to get plugged into them and take advantage of all they have to offer you!

*First and foremost get plugged into the National Wake Up call!  This is a WEEKLY call that Beachbody hosts (Monday’s at 10:00 AM CST).  It is chop full of tips and tricks from the top coaches of the business.  EVERY WEEK you can have tips and tricks available for you on how to succeed in the business.  All provided to you from Beachbody.

There are three ways you can listen:

*Download the Inside Shakeology Podcast from the podcast app (mentioned in #2 above).

*Get up to date messages from beachbody by signing up for their RSS in the back office (the video below will show you where to find it).

*Download the Teambeachbody coach App.  This is a MUST HAVE.  You can sign up customers and coaches while on the go with this app.  It can’t be found by searching the app store so from your phone click the link: to download it.

*Download the ‘bb links’ app.  Yes, you’ll have your cheat sheet when you’re at your desk but what about when you’re on the go?  This app has links to ALL programs and specials and it automatically puts your coach id on the end so you’ll always get the credit!

Video (find out where to find recordings and sign up for RSS):


* if you want to pause this course at any time, just close this out and you will receive an email with the next module