Challenge Group Invite

If you really want to take your business to the next level you HAVE to host challenge groups each and every month!  Remember this business will be what you make of it.  If you continue to complete the 4 vital behaviors daily the compound effect will take place and your business will explode.

Understanding the value of Challenge Packs will give you greater confidence when you are talking to potential customers.

Challenge Packs really offer the full Beachbody experience at a great price. Challenge Packs bundle Shakeology with your Fitness program and offer great savings. In fact, a Challenge Pack is like buying Shakeology and getting your Beachbody fitness program for just $10 (or $30, $50, etc., depending on the CP purchased).

Make sure you explain that the Challenge Pack includes their first month of Shakeology and that it will ship them a fresh bag every month after that. You can also let them know that they don’t HAVE to be on Shakeology forever, but while they’re in the Challenge Group, it is a requirement to drink Shakeology every day so they get the best results. Remember, you’re making an investment in them and it’s okay to ask for them to make an investment in themselves to get the results they want.

If, after the Challenge Group, they feel like they’ve learned enough about nutrition to be able to cook all their meals in the right calorie proportions, incorporating the right balance of superfoods from around the world to provide the right antioxidants and phytonutrients their body needs on a daily basis—great! Most people will find it to be an incredible time savings to simply enjoy a delicious Shakeology shake once a day!

Remember to follow the 5 step invitation process.  You have a TON of scripts available for you and your upline is also there to help you!  Here is a little video to show you how to approach the 5 step invitation process:

“Obstacles are the things we see when we take our eyes off our goal.” ––Zig Ziglar

People WILL SAY NO……….and that’s OK!  Like we say ‘no’ just means ‘not right now’ so don’t ever take them off your radar.  That’s why the tracking system has them show up every so often still  🙂  Here’s some help with overcoming rejections:

INVITE them!  Post about it in your community group and create an event from your profile.  THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS you have to step out of your comfort zone and KNOW you will be successful with this!  You feel great and you look great!  Don’t you want all your friends and family to too?

Create an event/invite to event/share event:

Share promotional products created by Beachbody to show clients what the programs / supplements are all about:

Remember about the power of 3!  You’re going to want to have at least 3 people join you in your challenges each month……’s OK if you don’t get that number!  BUT here’s a video to show you just how much money you could earn from those 3 people you’ve helped (and earn those success club points too -discussed in the next training).  Check it out here (don’t worry, everything else in the video will be explained later  🙂  ):

Remember the general ‘invite’ schedule for all of your groups. I’m attaching it again incase you didn’t put it in your binder 🙂 :




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