Sharing Beachbody!

These can be used for your profile, community page or in private messages.  But always remember, no MK and no RF  😉

Where to find things in your back office about the amazing products beachbody offers:

Keep in mind:  Facts tell, stories SELL.  If you are looking for any transformation stories to use just ask in the team group page!

Shakeology is going to be your biggest ‘it’s too expensive’ challenge.  Make sure you’re sharing it right.  Remember how you felt when you first heard that huge price.  A sample pack is always available for your clients to purchase to try it out before they make the big monthly commitment. Remember to make sure they know it’s only a ‘tasting’ and they won’t see the results shakeology can bring them until they drink it for about 2 weeks.

Price breakdown for shakeology:

Downloadable Documents:

Don’t forget to always continue to do your 4 vital behaviors daily. Add people to your network, FORM them, invite to free community, invite to challenge, invite to coach. Repeat, Repeat and Repeat again! 🙂

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