Creating a Community Group

OK, so this is where the real fun begins!  You’re going to shout out to the world (remember, contact your upline for help with this step!!) about your first free group.  You’re gonna have people begin to join you on your journey and you’re gonna do it all in a community group on FB!

This group will consist of all of your personal clients.  They are already looking for support and they have chosen YOU to help them!

This particular training will be long and will have a LOT of documents for you to print out and put in your binder for future reference.  Most of them will be all about INVITING to your group (or challenge, as you will learn more of in a few trainings).

What do we have to always remember?????  DON’T BE A MARY KAY!!!!  I cannot stress enough the importance of not being a ‘salesmen’!  We are ‘sharesmen’ and sharing our love and our transformations from these amazing products that help us feel so incredibly good.   Remember to always FORM your prospects so that they gain that trust.

Your posts as well should also be FORMED.  Don’t BLAST on your profile all about your products, your journey, your challenges (much like all the Rodan and Fields reps do!!!).  We want our profiles to have FAIRY DUSTINGS of beachbody and what we do.  Just like a Mary Kay rep is annoying so is going to a coaches wall that has NOTHING personal, fun, interesting and is ALL beachbody this and buy this challenge pack that.  Talk about your FAMILY, what you do for FUN.  YOU are the star on your profile.  People will be buying from YOU because they know you and trust you.

The more you use social media to connect with people and help them as a Team Beachbody Coach,the better you’ll get at it. It really is important to try and post at least three times a day on your social media. At first, you may not see that much of a difference in how people engage with your posts, but be consistent and I promise it will grow!

Here are 8 tips to consider:

  • Add value in your content. Think about your ideal customer and make sure your posts add value to them.

  • Ask yourself, what are the top 5 things I’m most passionate about and why? Then make sure you have a couple of posts each week about each thing on that list.
  • Make sure your profile picture is a picture of your face…and that you’re smiling.

  • Update your cover photo to reflect 3–5 of the things you’re most passionate about (from the list above). There are a lot of free online tools, like PicMonkey, that can help you do this.

  • Visit other social media pages and blogs, and join in the conversation.
  • Space your posts out during the day; don’t post everything all at once.
  • Use images and/or videos in your posts, not just text. Make sure that the images are eye catching!
  • Be You! Look at other pages for ideas you can use, but be yourself in your posts!

Sorry, rant over  🙂  Just remember to HAVE FUN!  You look great, and you feel great.  That’s what it’s all about that that is what we will be giving to others.

Take the time to think about what you’re going to call your community.  Fun and about YOU.  It’s your group, personalize it to you.  Mine is the All SMILES club.  Others on our team have ‘The Glitter Squad’, ‘The B FIT crew’, ‘Fitness, Forward, Friends’ and ‘Fit For Life’  Once you have a name you can create a fun group cover for it. Find out below where to go to do that  🙂

Creating an event for your 1st nutrition challenge:

Creating a Cover for your group:

Size Templates: GROUP:


How to create a group on FB:

As mentioned within this group is where you will be sharing a meal plan each month for them with 25 healthy recipes.  DON’T WORRY.  Abby, as amazing as she is, shares a meal plan with us each month.  Every month is different and every month you’ll want to INVITE new people to join it with you.

Here’s a very easy 1st meal plan to share with you and invite for.  Everyone is busy and doesn’t have time to cook.  SO, a very popular meal plan we had was all about CrockPots.  Invite people to join you in a crock pot free nutrition group.

Here is the meal plan and shopping list for that group:

Downloadable Documents:

If people have already been assigned a coach and they want to switch to you here’s a message they need to send to customer service:


Here’s a video showing you where to send people to join you for free:

* if you want to pause this course at any time, just close this out and you will receive an email with the next module