The Power Hour

You have your list.  Now you work it!  Get those people on that list the help they need.  The help you know deep down they want.  YOU are their coach!  FORM them in your power hour.  That 1 hour a day you’ve set aside to WORK this business and always push for your WHY.

I have attached below a reminder sheet on what to do in that hour so you never lose track of what’s most important.  Put it on the front cover of your binder or hang it up in your workspace.  Use your ‘vital behavior tracker’ and always work that ‘3’.  The power of 3.  3 friends added, 3 new people formed, 3 continuing conversations, 3 invties.  Our team also has a LIVE power hour!  We all work our power hours together and take that time to really focus on our business and are there should any questions come up.  Stay tuned in our FB team page for more info on when our power hours are.

I told you in the previous training that there was a tracking system that I created for you.  THIS is that tracking system. Please watch this little training video on how to use it.  Your upline has access to it as well and will help you if you should ever get caught in what to say.

Downloadable Document:

NOTHING will stop you!:

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