Don’t be a Mary Kay rep!

Don’t………just don’t!

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LOL!  OK, so on to the real business here……’re gonna want to make your first ‘announcement’ post, letting the world know you’re there to help them in their own journeys.  Don’t worry, your upline will help you create on to make sure it’s not Mary Kay or Rodan Fields ish.  😉

What should it include?:

  • What first drew you to Beachbody?
  • What convinced you it was the right choice?
  • What are your goals?
  • What do you hope it will do for you and your family?

Here is an example of a story to illustrate how simple it needs to be:

“I was drawn to Beachbody because I needed to lose 20 pounds and a friend had invited me to try the 21 Day Fix with her. I was convinced I made the right choice because the program was amazing and the accountability and support of a Challenge Group led to my success. I now want to help as many people as I can experience the same or similar results with one of our programs. I am also starting to see how being a Beachbody Coach can give me greater financial freedom for my family and it makes it much easier to pay for baseball uniforms and dance lessons.

Social media is the biggest way to reach more people in your coaching business. For now, here is what we want to do on your social media page:

Launch your Business. Make sure you’ve launched your business. Post a picture of yourself, announce you’re a Beachbody Coach and what you do. This is your coaching business’ Grand Opening month so make sure people know you’re open for business! (again this will be done with your upline  🙂 )

Share your journey. Regardless of your fitness level right now, share pictures of yourself after your workouts, share some healthy recipes you’re going to try, or pictures of your Shakeology. Sharing your journey will not only increase awareness of you as a Coach, it will increase your followers and open up opportunities for conversations and help you connect with more people.  But again, not like a Rodan Fields rep.  Little FAIRY DUSTINGS of coaching, and your challenges.

Try and post at least three times a day. Share things about your family and other elements of your life that will help others connect and relate with you and not just Beachbody. Include posts that provide value to your followers; recipe ideas, workout tips, creative ways to manage your time, etc., as that will engage people in positive ways and help you add more followers to expand the reach of your coaching business.

For additional tips on how to get the most out of your social media posts, check out the 8 Social Media Do’s and Don’ts:  And don’t get discouraged if people don’t respond right away, they’re watching your posts and every post is another seed you’re planting in their mind.

Also, social media is highly visual so to improve your posts, there are some easy-to-use apps on your phone that will take your pictures to a whole new level. The apps I recommend are: WordSwag,  PicPlayPost,  iWatermark ( ) and Snapseed ( ).

The power of your story:

Another GREAT way to get the word out and let people know all about your new adventure is to host a Shake and Share party (or as I like to call them ‘shake the weight’ party).  Please contact your upline and they will be right by your side for it.

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