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About This Program

Are you ready to step into the ring?! 10 Rounds is our first-ever boxing program and it’s going to help you torch fat, melt inches off your waist, and get lean and toned … in just 6 weeks!

From supertrainer Joel Freeman, the program will lead you through powerful punching combos + fast footwork; it is built around simple, precise, and effective training principles that emphasize technique, repetition, and intensity to maximize your cardio burn and give you an amazing total-body workout.

Each week, you’ll have 3 days of boxing training + 2 weightlifting workouts.

2 Prep Workouts

Joel wants to make sure you’re using proper technique in both the boxing and weightlifting workouts. These 10-minute prep workouts will get you familiar with the punches, footwork, and resistance-training moves you’ll be using for 6 weeks.


30 Unique Workouts

You’ll do 3 boxing workouts and 2 resistance-training days each week, with 2 days off at your choosing. All workouts are 30–40 minutes and feature core exercises to get you shredded and lean.


Get Started video

Find out how to get started with 10 Rounds.

Introduction to Nutrition video

Staying on top of your nutrition is key to getting the most out of 10 Rounds. This video offers an overview of how eating healthfully is so important to your success.


10 Rounds!

Are you ready to step into the ring?